Thursday, 9 December 2010

sleepless nights so close to deadline

I have about 6 days left till a massive hand in and such little animation done (and so much left to do)it would make an industry professional qualm at the very sight of my schedule.

I am one of those people who is very good at making lists yet I either under estimate or over estimate the amount of work I can get done in a day, so my notebooks are full of so many to do lists the only one that doesn't make me feel inferior is my grocery list.

A few days ago I decided to get my sleeping pattern in order, to get my full 8 hours and lose the excuse of late nights for late starts. It lasted a day O_O as you can probably tell as I'm posting this at 2.32 a.m. Damn that one day of getting up on time was good, maybe thats why I don't want to go to sleep, afraid I'll sleep in and miss my Animation futures hand in. Thats the minor project which I've been slaving over the last few days and though it looks awesome and brought my folder to a quite substantial size (so much so I think it could be used as a deadly weapon if the situation ever occurred) it has left me irritable incomplete and sleep deprived.

I can't even drink till after my hand in because one glass of wine and my animation turns very questionable :S

Here is one visual achievement, I love my little business card design.

Top = back
Bottom = Front

P.s yes it is me and my mussy hair

I shall now love you and leave you. Sleep tight and appreciate those 8 hours if you are one of the lucky few getting them :)

Over and out x

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