Sunday, 2 October 2011

My sting for the Flip Festival


This project has led me to discover how much I can accomplish when time is restricted. I managed to tackle aspects of production that I used to avoid or chuck to someone else and I also learnt a little about the way I think. Such as my tendancy to over embellish or the need to cram too many ideas into one thing.

As a treat I will be getting myself a new board Game  "Arkham Horror" :)

Heres the site for more info

Its an in depth RPG board game set it the 1920's stories of HP Lovecraft. I can't wait :D

My next project will involve the creation of a character from one  of my favourite books as a child, "The Doomspell". So keep your eyes peeled for updates, I'm not giving myself a deadline for this so its going to be a labour of love for my spare time.