Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Blog - please follow because its what all the cool kids are doing

Well its been absolutely yonks since I posted on here and I've transitioned into a new part of my life so time to move my ramblings to a new blog.

So if you've enjoyed reading my posts please follow me to my new blog.

by Gumption

Thank you for your support and continued interest.

Sarah x

Sunday, 2 October 2011

My sting for the Flip Festival


This project has led me to discover how much I can accomplish when time is restricted. I managed to tackle aspects of production that I used to avoid or chuck to someone else and I also learnt a little about the way I think. Such as my tendancy to over embellish or the need to cram too many ideas into one thing.

As a treat I will be getting myself a new board Game  "Arkham Horror" :)

Heres the site for more info

Its an in depth RPG board game set it the 1920's stories of HP Lovecraft. I can't wait :D

My next project will involve the creation of a character from one  of my favourite books as a child, "The Doomspell". So keep your eyes peeled for updates, I'm not giving myself a deadline for this so its going to be a labour of love for my spare time.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Goldfish stand

Photoshop work from today, had the stark realisation that I can never do as much as I hope to do when I'm still learning all the ins and outs of a programme. Never the less this is the goldfish cart that is going to be in my sting, still incomplete as you can tell from the lack of goldfish in the bags and the shadows need some work.

I also recently discovered these stands no longer exist and if they do they can't give away goldfish as prizes, for the might of the RSPCA descended and said "no this is too cruel to the goldfish, we demand you stop and give away plushies instead". Well thats how it went in my head and I'm pretty sure the RSPCA weren't wearing capes.

So indulge your peepers and constructive critique is welcomed.

Panda girl update

 UV mapping

Close up

Meet Panda girl in 3d she's coming along quite well, though I have only a week left to finish and upload my sting though I'm confident I can get things moving quickly and create something new, fresh and most importantly something I can be proud off the final result.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Girl with a Panda Hat

 (rough version)

This is my  little girl in a panda hat (with a TV for a head), this was a 2 afternoon sketch about 10 hours.

She will have emoticon faces (still to be finalised) and her best friend will be a cross eyed goldfish. I designed her for a sting for the flip festival for the end of this month.

Hope you enjoy x

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Well this embarrassing

It has been months upon months since my last post and to be completely honest I don't have any excuse which sounds good in my head so I won't bore you with details. It mainly came down to two points:

1) It became too hectic near the end of my last project to post updates.
2) Once the project ended I became quite dis-enchanted with my work.

But now I'm back and this blog will quite likely be changing soon, possibly even moving to a new name so keep those peepers peeled.

First off here's my final film "The Full English"

Near the end we realised we couldn't use two of the three sets we had laboured over and had to do what was possible in the time we had left, though it wasn't completed to the level we intended I'm extremely proud of what we achieved and hopefully in the near future I'll revisit Eggy's strip-tease and re-do it with some class.

I also did a small VFX scene for a friend:

Its my second piece of compositing work and I'm planning on focusing more of my animations around it.

More recently I'm creating a sting for the Flip Animation festival, this will involve a girl in a panda hat and a cross eyed goldfish :D and fun times will be had by all.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

quick update on the Full English

Holly one of our second years finished one of the Frankfurt brothers, the cheeky owners of the club. Here's the little paint job I did on him. its acrylic and clay varnish to give it a cooked sausage sheen with little grill lines down his body.

Tests: the first two are paint, one with glue mixed in one without. The 3rd is clingfilm and the 4th is the clay varnish. Just to see how different materials reacted to the leather.

Little mod-rock fedora's to act as a base (mini block) to model light weight mini hats. Will post the results *crosses fingers* which will hopefully produce good quality stop motion hats.

Here's my recent work for Barry Purves "Young persons guide to the orchestra". These will be part of a mobile hanging over a crib which is the introduction shot for our animation, it will be the only live action bit so it has to look pretty and fit in with the rest of the cut out animation.

This last one will be one of the toys in the animation, we're showing the progression of childhood through a childs toys, all being followed by a butterfly from the mobile.

Hope you enjoyed x
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