Wednesday, 16 March 2011

quick update on the Full English

Holly one of our second years finished one of the Frankfurt brothers, the cheeky owners of the club. Here's the little paint job I did on him. its acrylic and clay varnish to give it a cooked sausage sheen with little grill lines down his body.

Tests: the first two are paint, one with glue mixed in one without. The 3rd is clingfilm and the 4th is the clay varnish. Just to see how different materials reacted to the leather.

Little mod-rock fedora's to act as a base (mini block) to model light weight mini hats. Will post the results *crosses fingers* which will hopefully produce good quality stop motion hats.

Here's my recent work for Barry Purves "Young persons guide to the orchestra". These will be part of a mobile hanging over a crib which is the introduction shot for our animation, it will be the only live action bit so it has to look pretty and fit in with the rest of the cut out animation.

This last one will be one of the toys in the animation, we're showing the progression of childhood through a childs toys, all being followed by a butterfly from the mobile.

Hope you enjoyed x
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