Saturday, 25 December 2010

Birthday presents and the such like

A few days late as it is no Christmas day, a wonderful white christmas with cars sliding to and from every where quite dangerously. Any way here is my birthday joy in picture form.

 The overwhelming joy of birthdays above.
I received:-
  • Robot necklace
  • Pyjamas
  • Oriental serving set
  • A mouse from the Gruffalo
  • A sailor-esque t-shirt
  • Art deco mug
  • A zombie guide
  • The first walking dead comic
  • Bunny suicides book
  • How to live safely in a science fiction universe
  • A pencil ring
  • and finally some chocolates (can't have a celebration with out them)
 This is also a hand - made card by my good friend Emma (also known as Teacups and joy) she knows my love of the clangers ....

sorry just had a pause to have an arguement about Doctor Who with my dear mother and her inability to tell the difference between volume and channel selection. >_<

so she decided to make it extra special for my birthday. Which is really nice because when your birhday falls so close to a major event people tend to overlook it. Not on purpose but it just happens when there;s so much going on.
To end I shall just say Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Till next time x


  1. Yay! glad you liked the card, stitched by my own fair hands :D your robot necklace is also a little bit awesome we definately need to go shopping soon so we can adorn ourselves with robot trinkets :P xxx

  2. also am liking the new look... a little bit edgy miss lawrence :P xxx