Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Jellyfish postcard design

For part of our Animation futures we have to design postcards to send wit our C.V's . So I went back to the first model I was really proud off when I first started learning Maya.

Meet Jelly she's a little hippy jellyfish who just wants to be loved, she's almost a little personification of myself I made for a project called my small world. After re-creating her in this little pose for a postcard  I think I may go back over my original animation and work more on my timing. I realised today theres something special about looking back over past work. Especially improving on what you already have feels more rewarding as the ground work is already all there and your just fine tuning the details.

I'm even tempted to make little shorts with her as she is so awesome :)

Original small world: -  Click here to see Jelly in action

p.s ignore the intro and outro it was a last minute requirement so they could all be edited together

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