Sunday, 8 August 2010

8 hour sleeps and lengthy books

Good morning star shine the world says hello ... ok I know its not morning but I got in at 2 a.m last night after a night of sobriety for a friends birthday and ferrying friends and boyfriend to and from said party. Not that I'm resentful of being the taxi, I mean I offered and I wasn't going to partake in a drink any way, due to a recent illness and trying to save all my drinking stamina for tonight at Cex fest.
Which is the annual mini drinking festival for the workers of Computer Exchange and their better halves a.k.a moi.

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I've been going for the last four years and over those years I have discovered a few key facts to get you through a night in a field with an open bar and questionable portaloo's

1 - Wear old shoes and trousers, it is a field and weather permitting is never the place to wear your new heels

2 - Don't get paralytic through the enticement of an open bar, you will say what you don't want to say to the people you don't want to hear it and arguements are a guarantee

3 - Bring tissues/ water/ a torch and a sense of humour

4 - enjoy yourself

I will endevour to take pictures tonight as well as the last three years I forgot :-S . I've also realised without 8 hours of solid sleep I am a walking wreck and energy drinks can cause more havoc on a dodgy stomach than alcohol can.

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Any way I'm psyching myself up for tonight as this is the first year we will be having our own mini bus to get there instead of being cramped together in one long coach ride picking up every store before commencing on the lengthy trip to the venue.

My recent immersive addiction is this series of books

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Stone of tears by Terry Goodkind

Check out this mans work, his descriptions drag you into another world :-D
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