Tuesday, 10 August 2010

laddered tights and slippery days

Today has been so slippery it has slipped away from me entirely. I got my haircut by the hairdresser I used to go to before I moved to stoke, the trouble is before my parents moved it was only 20 minutes away. Now its an hour at best and to be honest the money I save on the hair cut is being eaten up by the petrol I use to get there and due to my sat nav crashing and a lengthy jam on the M6 I can sincerly  not be frigged anymore. This is a lost day that could have been used to do a number of amazing and creative things, instead I sat in traffic and drove around the busier parts of Birmingham.

Bodie aswell today, thats this Bodie below ------
Decided to attack my new tights, laddering them beyond repair so they now will be used to create tiny tight toys of some sort, like this one I bought from birmingham market a few weeks ago.

10p well spent.

However on a lighter note Cex fest was pretty cool, good people and an open bar which you had to buy with cex top trumps, you could get more cards by playing the managers for them.

this is me, Rafe and Hanson on the way to the field with passion fruit rum and energy drink vodka to bring on that party feeling :P

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