Thursday, 26 August 2010

lazy days and chipped nail varnish

I write this blog wrapped in a big marsmallow coloured fluffy dressing gown, in bed due to the sudden decline in temperature and summer deciding a few weeks of heat was enough for a year. Now the cold is setting in, no longer can you lounge around the house in nought but a t-shirt and jeans, oh nooooo you must now wear three cardigans and a ski hat, turning all the radiators up to full and lighting wood burners a plenty. Until your kitchen reaches the temperature of most tropical countries, then and only then do you relinqish your insanity.

I don't like the cold can you tell?

This is my memory of last winter and as beautiful as the pictures are it was really and I mean REALLY frigging cold, even venturing down the shops had to be prepared for like a trip to the arctic region. any way the sudden change in temp has got me a little antsy O_O

Moving on ... I've been looking at this blog thinking why don't I update enough, to which my brain replied "because we feel we haven't done anything worth posting about", "oh" I said. So in remedy to this I am getting my butt back in the driving seat animation wise. Get this I was so focused about making a website and keeping a blog that I forgot to keep animating!

I mean its all very well and good trying to get your name out there and staring at other peoples achievements, wishing and praying you could be more like them that you forget to focus on your own. So from now on I will focus more on the sweet and tasty product instead of the fancy packaging, because in the end your work should speak for itself.

: )

p.s saw Scott Pilgrim vs. the world and it rocked my tiny white socks off!!!!!!!

Go see it *click me!*

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  1. Omg, Sarah, I totally agree about spending loads of time looking at other people's stuff and forgetting to get on with your own! The number of amazing 2d showreels I've found online...
    But I like the cold, man! It's awesome! And you've reminded me of the icicles round near my house last winter which went from the roof to the ground! Also, some snow fell off my friend's roof onto her car and crushed it! Bad times...