Saturday, 31 July 2010

the start of a bloggy adventure

Well this is my first blog. I guess I'm writing this just because its my first blog and until you get past the first it builds everything up in your mind that the first has to be this amazing, stupendous piece of literature which blows the world away and lands you on the cover of a magazine. Its not though, its just a blog.

When I was little I wanted to be a writer and illustrate my own books that way I could combine my two passions, writing and drawing. Then when I finished my A-levels the drawing part kinda took over and I ended up doing an Animation degree, due to certain twists of fate and me walking into the wrong open day lecture thus hurling me into the new and exceedingly complex art of making stuff move. As I will soon be starting my third year I'm really starting to focus on bringing my animation to a more professional level.I'm going to make my own website, sort of an online portfolio, bring my drawing skills back up to par and expand my knowledge in my field.

So here is my start a blogging site so I can start organising my life and therefore my work.

I get annoyed at my own procrastination sometimes, I feel guilty for not feeling 100% motivated and enthused a 100% of the time. I guess we always see someone who seems to be  accomplishing more than we do faster than we ever can.

I will watch a film tonight and start fresh as a daisy tomorrow, all storyboards and photoshop.

Thing I liked: - The small dramatic child who ran into the party I was painting for and screamed "They can't breathe!" hysterically pointing at the bouncy castle

Dislike:- my inability to leave the house on time :(

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