Monday, 21 February 2011

Illness, lemsip and Kawaii

Hello blog world,

as you can probably deduce from the title of this blog I am ill and I'm writing this blog really just to feel like I'm doing something with my day apart from getting through hundreds of Kleenex and watching crap telly on 4od almost obsessively.

So it started as a normal hangover, you laze around all day in your jim jams feeling a little bit bleh but usually around early afternoon, several cups of tea later you feel back to normal and a little bit guilty about wasting the morning. But it didn't go like that and it was on the journey home down the pitch black M6 I began to wonder why I was feeling so tired and still so bleh.

This morning I still felt bad and I finally have to accept I'd contracted the dreaded lurgy.

(O_O next door are singing....this is quite strange)

The trouble with illness is its so counter productive! I can't do any work, every time I try my brain short circuits and goes "no sorry, can't compute". The day has involved two episodes of "Misfits", two "Beauty and the beast: the ugly face of prejudice", "Love, virtually" a documentary about online dating and "Newlyweds: the one year itch". I'm a self proclaimed advocate of crap telly, especially documentaries that show you quite personal insights into situations and peoples lives. Maybe thats why I watch so much Jeremy Kyle.

I've also been trawling the kawaii blogs for cute things such as these new momiji book club dolls

which I love for their cute little glasses, I want Alex the red head who I think looks like me :D

Here are some kawaii blogs for you other time wasters

(pics of japanese style)

This is a website that specialises in apps and products for teaching hiragana (a form of japanese writing)

Though I haven't got much done today illness does give you a lot of reflection time, so I'm thinking of getting a small portfolio together in time for Stuttgart. Project wise we're going to start building sets this week and I'm creating a stop motion version of Eggy for light tests on set while modelling 3d eggy and her three outfits.

So I'm going to go back to forcing myself to get better, as I have a Rob Zombie concert tomorrow night and I will be better for it and enjoy every single moment, because the tickets cost me so much to not enjoy it because of illness would be sacrilege.

Bye Bye people of Bloggington

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