Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Essex rock band sketches & happy sunflowers

Last weekend me and my boyfriend Rafe went down to Essex for our friend Phil and his ex-house mate Chris's joint birthday. It was great to get to see Phil and Liz again, the problem when friends are dotted all over the country is how little you get to see each other because everyone works and most free time ends up clashing. So the Essex house parties are usually those few pin-pointed opportunities during the year where everyone is back together and gets to have a good time with silly costumes and alcohol a-flowing.
I'm a Sunflower from plants and zombies and Rafe is a bio-mech warrior from a game thats name escapes me. Both our costumes were a bit quickly made, last year of uni doesn't leave much time for art attack moments, so there was a lot of quick fabric paint and tin foil.

Here's a more forward shot so you can see my sun flower. I spent most of the night with wine dancing in the corner like a little sunflower. If you haven't played Plants Vs Zombies I fully recommend you do, I bought it on Steam for £4 and it is the most over played game in my collection.

During a rock band session my camera died so I decided to sketch a few people to remember the mass musical session.

Phil - manic on the drums to the left.

Tom - tentative with the keyboard on the right

Grum to the left on the bass or possibly the guitar with leanne to his right.

The lovely Liz to the right with a pair of ears from someones costume

Finally (my lovely) Rafe while he was singing to Deftones.

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