Monday, 13 September 2010

Pirahna 3D

This was the little comic I created after seeing Pirahna 3D, while I was buying the tickets which Cineworld now sell everywhere apart from the ticket counter. It's absolutely crazy no matter what time of day I go the ticket counter is always closed yet you can buy them at the pick n' mix stand and the popcorn stall but not the one place specifically designed for the distribution of tickets. Maybe its the recession, trying to cut back on staff so they think kill two birds with one stone and only staff the snacks. Well back to the point, I went to stand at the Pick & Mix  stall as the queue was smaller to be met with the same gormless expression and drawling speech, as if you've just woken them from some heavy sleep. Only to realise I was being charged extra for the glasses that they always used to ask you to recycle at the end of every screening.

 Apparently its not enough to charge you extra for the film but now they want to charge you for the pleasure of seeing it with the glasses.

On the other hand the film was quite good, as long as your not expecting shakespeare its quite appealing. Its b-movie gore and tits ahoy, it made me cringe and jump out my seat at all the right moments. The special effects were a good combination of CG/ Animatronic & visual fx, which really inspired me, so I might try out how realistic you can make CGI injuries.

Reading at the moment: Feed by Mira Grant

Its amazing in detail and I love anything in the Zombie genre that really goes into the science of the rising undead.

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